Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris produces a delicate wine with complex aromas, slightly « fumé » or floral.

Clones: 52, 53, 457

pinot gris



Cultural aptitudes

Bud break: 2 days after Chasselas

Sensitivity to fungi and diseases: low sensitivity to botrytis and to downy mildew

Characteristics: Vigorous good resistance to cold temperatures.

Production: low

Ripeness: Early




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Its wine is usually very coloured and with good tannins, lacking sometime acidity. It adds brilliance, roundness and character when blended with wine of other varietals. It can age and goes remarkably well with merlot and cabernet sauvignon.

Clone: 1059




Cultural aptitudes

Bud break: late, 9 days after chasselas

Sensitivity to fungi and diseases: no particular sensitivity to fungi and diseases except to botrytis in wet environment

Characteristics: vigorous, needs to be cane pruned and trellised.

Ripeness: Late





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feuille tannah


Tannat produces very dark wines, with high tannins and acidity. This varietal permits to produce red wines of excellent quality, very powerful and able to age.


  • High production potential: 399-475
  • High quality potential: 398-717-794
  • Intermediary: 472-473-474-944-1048




Cultural aptitudes

Bud break: Late

Sensitivity to fungi and diseases: Sensitive to acarids and aphids. Some sensitivity to botrytis.

Characteristics: variety fairly vigorous, requiring cane pruning and trellising.

Production: Production average to high. Wine coloured, very tannic and with fairly high acidity.

Ripeness: average.






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feuille tempranillo


Wine fairly coloured, with good alcoholic potential. On dry soils and with reasonable yields it produces wines of high quality with aging potential.

Clones :

  • High production potential: 774
  • Intermediary: 770-771-775-776




Cultural aptitudes

Bud break: Average

Sensitivity to fungi and diseases: Sensitive to eutypiose and to aphids. Little sensitivity to botrytis.

Characteristics: vigorous, can be spur pruned or cane pruned.

Production: Production high. Wine fairly coloured with high alcohol potential.

Ripeness: Early.







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feuille syrah

Produces wine of high quality, very intense colour, rich in tannins and aromas reminiscent of violet. For fruity wines it requires to be picked at its phenological peak (11 à 12°). For wines to age an over maturation is advisable (over 12°).


  • High production potential: 99-100
  • High quality potential: 174-383-470-877
  • Intermediary: 300-301-381-382-471-524-525-585-747





Cultural aptitudes

Bud break: Average, 5 to 6 days after chasselas

Sensitivity to fungi and diseases: Sensitive to aphids.

Characteristics: high vigor, a good trellising is needed.

Production: Production average. Wine of high quality with intense aromas and heavy on tannins

Ripeness: Early.








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