Red wine varietals

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alicante bouschet


Alicante Bouschet

This is a varietal with red juice, it is being used in blending to add colour to the juice or the wine.

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cabernet franc


Cabernet Franc

Its main character is the production of wine with aromatic « finesse » and ability to age.

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cabernet sauvignon


Cabernet Sauvignon

This varietal is known throughout the world thanks to the Bordeaux « grands crus » it is now one of most widespread varietal in the world.

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High sugar potential with intense colour and powerful aromas, its wine has body and has a good potential for aging.

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Carignan produces a wine with good colour, good structure and some astringency. It brings some structure to blended wines. This varietal gives good results with the carbonic maceration winemaking technique.

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Its wine is usually very coloured and with good tannins, lacking sometime acidity. It adds brilliance, roundness and character when blended with wine of other varietals. It can age and goes remarkably well with merlot and cabernet sauvignon.

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This is a cross between Grenache noir and Jurançon. Its wine is coloured, with good typicity, it is harmonious and has a good body. Its qualities are close to those of the wines of Grenache noir. Its tendency for high production requests harnessing the level of yield in order to obtain wines of good quality.

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Its wine has not a lot of colour but it is fruity and brings suppleness to the blends. It produces very nice and fruity rosé wines.

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Wine with colour and tannins -but less aromas and more suppleness than the wine of Cabernet.

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Wine with little alcohol, average colour. more or less acidic according to the level of yield.

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grenache noirGrenache Noir

Average phenol and aromatic potential. On dry and stony hillsides, Grenache noir is producing a wine with high alcoholic content and low acidity.
Its wines age very quickly and the colour oxidizes rapidly.

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This varietal produces coloured wines of high quality. They are aromatic, with good body and structure and able to age. The yield is limited.

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Its wine has a good colour, is powerful, with relatively low acidity and mellow tannins. High alcohol potential with powerful and complex aromas. the yield is interesting.

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When it is harvested ripe, it produces coloured wines, with high level of tannins that require several years to express their aromatic potential. It has an anti oxidant power making this varietal a good complement to Grenache noir.

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Wine with little alcoholic potential, astringent, with some finesse and good potential for aging.

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petit verdot


Petit Verdot

Wine with much colour, rich in tannins with good aging potential.

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pinot gris


Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris produces a delicate wine with complex aromas, slightly « fumé » or floral.

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pinot noir


Pinot Noir

Produces high quality wine with intense aromas and bouquet. Its wine is able to age. Wine powerful with intense and complex aromas.

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Produces wine of high quality, very intense colour, rich in tannins and aromas reminiscent of violet. For fruity wines it requires to be picked at its phenological peak (11 à 12°). For wines to age an over maturation is advisable (over 12°).

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Tannat produces very dark wines, with high tannins and acidity. This varietal permits to produce red wines of excellent quality, very powerful and able to age.

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Wine fairly coloured, with good alcoholic potential. On dry soils and with reasonable yields it produces wines of high quality with aging potential.

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White wine varietals

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This late varietal with little alcoholic potential must be kept for shallow soils and for hillsides with good exposition.

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This is the number one white quality varietal. Its wines have finesse and a great aromatic potential.

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This is a cross of Listan and Chardonnay. This variety produces wines with some aromas, low acidity and sugar potential.

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Its wine is very fruity, with a lot of bouquet; it is generally vinified in semi dry wine.

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This variety is interesting in blends where it brings finesse and alcohol; harvested early it produces very nice wines, with some aromas and freshness.

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It is one of the varietals of Cognac and Armagnac, the still wine is of average quality but keeps freshness and acidity with high yields. When distilled the quality is slightly lower than the alcohol produced with the varietals folle blanche or ugni blanc.

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Gewurtztraminer has a good alcohol potential but lacks sometimes of acidity. Its wine is extremely aromatic with very characteristic flavour of rose and litchi. It can be vinified in dry or semi dry wines.

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grenache blanc


Its phenol and aromatic potential is average. It produces very alcoholic wines with good body and structure. Blended with other varietals (clairette, roussane, viognier) it can produce great wines.

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It produces a light and fruity wine of yellow colour and little acidity. When harvested early some acidity is kept which produces light and fresh wines, harvested one month later its wines are generous and mellow.

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gros manseng


Gros Manseng

Gros manseng produces dry or semi dry wines of high quality. It has good alcoholic potential while keeping a good acidity.

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petit manseng


Petit Manseng

Petit manseng is a very aromatic varietal, can produce sweet wines of great finesse and with a specific bouquet thanks to noble rot.

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This varietal produces a more aromatic wine than the wine produced with Grenache blanc ; they are often blended together.

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muscat à petit grains



This varietal can be found in several countries for making dry or sparkling wines and famous natural sweet wines (Rivesaltes, Lunel, Frontignan, Beaumes-de-Venise). Its aromatic potential is very high.

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muscat d'alexandrie 

Muscat d'alexandrie

Wines with « muscat » taste and aromas not as pronouced as the wines produced with muscat a petits grains. Harvested early, it adds flavour to neutral dry wines. In the world it is an important varietal that can also be used as table grape or raisin.

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Picquepoul Blanc



This varietal produces a white, dry wine of good quality, with some aromas and good acidity.

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pinot blanc



The Pinot Blanc varietal produces agreeable wines, with fruity character with some acidity. It also can be used for the production of sparkling wines.

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Rhine Riesling produces a fruity wine, with a nice bouquet and good acidity. It can age.

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This varietal produces a wine of high quality, with complexity and finesse, with floral aromas.

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sauvignon blanc


Sauvignon Blanc produces a white wine with intense aromas; it can be vinified either as dry wine or as sweet wine with low yields. It can be turned into green and aromatic dry wines and can be used with good results in blends.

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Semillon produces great dry wines, with good complexity and able to age. With over maturity and noble rot and successive harvests it produces some of the best sweet wines in the world (Sauternes). blended with sauvignon blanc it produces some very nice products.

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ugni blanc

Ugni blanc

This varietal produces a dry, neutral wine with an average level of alcohol but with good acidity. It can be used as base wine for blends. It is a very important varietal for the production of Cognac and Armagnac because its wines are very suitable for distillation.

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Ce cépage permet d'élaborer un vin blanc de bonne qualité, fin et légèrement aromatique, bien équilibré.

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Viognier produces a wine of great quality with aromas of peach, apricot, honey and spices. In southern France it produces aromatic wines that are very well liked.

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