feuille syrah

Produces wine of high quality, very intense colour, rich in tannins and aromas reminiscent of violet. For fruity wines it requires to be picked at its phenological peak (11 à 12°). For wines to age an over maturation is advisable (over 12°).


  • High production potential: 99-100
  • High quality potential: 174-383-470-877
  • Intermediary: 300-301-381-382-471-524-525-585-747





Cultural aptitudes

Bud break: Average, 5 to 6 days after chasselas

Sensitivity to fungi and diseases: Sensitive to aphids.

Characteristics: high vigor, a good trellising is needed.

Production: Production average. Wine of high quality with intense aromas and heavy on tannins

Ripeness: Early.








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