Pinot Noir

feuille pinot noir


Produces high quality wine with intense aromas and bouquet. Its wine is able to age. Wine powerful with intense and complex aromas.

Clones :

  • High production potential: 236-292-374-375-388-389-459-583-617-665-666-668-829
  • High quality potential: 777-828
  • Intermediary: 111-113-114-115-162-163-164-165-386-521-667-743-779-780-792-870-871-872-927-943


pinot noir


Cultural aptitudes

Bud break: Early.

Sensitivity to fungi and diseases: Sensitive to powdery mildew, to downy mildew, to botrytis and to aphids.

Characteristics: Vigor Average.

Production: Production average. Wine of high quality, with a specific colour and intense aromas, able to age. Also used for the production of high quality sparkling wines white and red.

Ripeness: very early.








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