feuille mourvedre


When it is harvested ripe, it produces coloured wines, with high level of tannins that require several years to express their aromatic potential. It has an anti oxidant power making this varietal a good complement to Grenache noir.

Clones :

  • High production potential: 244-520
  • High quality potential: 245-249-369
  • Intermediary: 233-234-247-248-449-450-1069
  • Irregular: 448




Cultural aptitudes

Bud break: Late.

Sensitivity to fungi and diseases: Sensitive to acarids and to esca. Good resistance to phomopsis and to botrytis.

Characteristics: high sensitivity to drought, vigorous, can be spur or cane pruned.

Production: Production average. Wine coloured and rich in tannins.

Ripeness: Late.








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