feuille merlot


Its wine has a good colour, is powerful, with relatively low acidity and mellow tannins. High alcohol potential with powerful and complex aromas. the yield is interesting.

Clones :

  • High production potential: 184-349-519
  • High quality potential: 181-343-347
  • Intermediary: 182-314-342-346-348





Cultural aptitudes

Bud break: fairly early. This varietal is therefore sensitive to late spring frosts.

Sensitivity to fungi and diseases: fairly resistant to powdery mildew and botrytis, very sensitive to downy mildew.

Characteristics: vigorous varietal, that must be cane pruned and trellised.

Production: Production average. Mellow wine coloured with good colour and suppleness, good yield

Ripeness: Early, two to three weeks before Carignan.





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