feuille carignan


Carignan produces a wine with good colour, good structure and some astringency. It brings some structure to blended wines. This varietal gives good results with the carbonic maceration winemaking technique.


  • High production potential: 62-90-151-153-171-270-273-505-547
  • High quality potential: 9-65-274
  • Intermediary: 6-7-8-63-64-66-152-178-271-272-275-276




Cultural aptitudes

Bud break: Late

Sensitivity to fungi and diseases: Very sensitive to powdery mildew, sensitive to downy mildew and to grape berries moth.

Characteristics: vigorous varietal can be trained in spur pruning or cane pruning.

Production: average production on hillsides yields good sugar content, in valleys production can be very high with low sugar content. Wine with colour, with good structrure, a little astringent.

Ripeness: Late





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