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The mission of Richter grapevine nurseries

Our mission is to provide grafted grape plants to french and foreign grapegrowers of the highest quality, certified, from clonal selection or from massal selection when necessary.


The values of Richter grapevine nurseries

Our values are an integral part of our everyday work. They are :

a strict control of the rootstocks and viniferas used for the production of grafted grape plants :

The rootstocks and viniferas used for the production of grafted grape plants are what determine their genetic and sanitary quality. This is why we are convinced that it is a must for grape nurseries to control the rootstocks and viniferas used for the production of grafted grape plants by producing these rootstocks and viniferas themselves.
This is what we do with very large surfaces of mother plants both for rootstocks and viniferas. These mother plants are constantly controlled and tested in order to provide the best genetic and sanitary guarantees.


a perfect traceability :

For our company, being able to know precisely and at any time the status of production or storage of the grafted grape plants is an essential control feature.
This traceability, allowing to have information on what happened at every stage of the production of the grafted grape plants is possible thanks to the computers present in every workshop of our company( debudding, grafting, cold rooms, grated grape plants preparation rooms). The information on each lot of grafted grape plants is thereafter centralized.
We have therefore at any given moment the pedigree of every one of our grafted grape plants.


adaptation to the local conditions of every vineyard :

Every « terroir » is unique and needs specialized treatment.
We aim to have the largest possible choice of "assemblages" (grafted grape plants encompassing one clone and one vinifera varietal and one clone and one rootstock varietal) so that grape growers have the possibility to adjust to the local growing conditions.
Every year we offer more than 500 references, clones, varietals and rootstocks.
Our specialists can advise the grape growers on their future vineyard plantings in France and in foreign countries.


The Richter grapevine nurseries resources :

The resources of Richter grapevine nursery are at a high level. Working in close cooperation with the world of viticulture ( wineries, grape growers, research institutes) enables the company to bring to the grape growers products and techniques evermore efficient.

A short list of these resources :

  • A team of technicians with vast experience, with continuous training on the technical evolutions of viticulture and grapevine nursery, committed to produce the best grafted grape plants and give the best possible advice to grape growers.
  • Mother plants of rootstocks in France and several other countries
  • Mother plants of viniferas in France and several other countries
  • Vast cold rooms
  • Callusing rooms
  • greenhouses
  • its own transportation means


                         Mother plants of rootstocks
                                                                                                               Mother plants of buds



International presence of Richter grapevine nurseries

Grapegrowers from all over the world turn to the Richter grapevine nurseries for their needs of grafted grape plants and for advice on setting up their vineyards for optimum production.

Every year, exports of grafted grape plants are made by the Richter grapevine nurseries to over 40 countries.

When local vinifera varieties are requested for the planting of vineyards, the Richter grapevine nurseries produce grafted grape plants of those varieties in foreign countries.



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