Red table varietals

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alphonse lavallée


Alphonse Lavallée

Alphonse Lavallée has conservation and shipping qualities. The clusters are attractive with a deep colour and a simple flavor.

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automn royal


Autumn Royal

Intense black colour, seedless and good size berries. The natural size of the berries is the largest in the varieties without seeds.

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This early varietal has excellent taste and ships well

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crimson seedless


Crimson Seedless

Crimson seedless is a seedless varietal of good vigour with excellent taste.

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flame seedless


Flame seedless

Seedless varietal used for fresh fruit but also for the production of raisins.

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italia rubi


Italia Rubi

It is a red, late, varietal with big berries.

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Lival produces grapes with very nice taste.

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michel palieri


Michel palieri

The varietal Michel Palieri is well liked mainly because of its colour black-violet and of the beauty of its clusters.

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muscat de hambourg


Muscat de Hambourg

This is a very much liked varietal because of its pronounced « Muscat » taste.

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Black, late, Spanish varietal of table grape.

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Prima produces grapes very early and with a very nice taste.

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red globe


Red Globe

Red Globe is a very resistant red varietal, that stores and ships very well.

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Ribol is a black table varietal with big berries.

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