Alphonse Lavallée

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Alphonse Lavallée has conservation and shipping qualities. The clusters are attractive with a deep colour and a simple flavor.

Clones: 319, 797, 798, 799, 857

alphonse lavalleeBud break: Average, 6 to 10 days after chasselas

Sensitivity to fungi and diseases: fairly sensitive to winter frosts, to phomopsis, to érinose, to downy mildew, to powdery mildew and to botrytis.

Characteristics: vigorous and very productive varietal, with high fertility. Training should be short.

Production: Average to high.

Aptitude : stores and ships well

Clusters: Average to big, long and not very compact.

Berries: big and round, black –blue colour. Skin is thick. Pulp is fleshy and juicy, astringent with little aromas.

Ripeness : Average, 14 to 20 days after Chasselas



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