Autumn Royal

Intense black colour, seedless and good size berries. The natural size of the berries is the largest in the varieties without seeds.


autumn royal



Description : black variety seedless

Characteristics : Vigor: average to high (according to rootstocks). Cane pruning

Sensitivity to fungi and diseases : Sensitive to rot

Production : variable

Cluster : Average, long, compact.

Berries : Big, ovoid,  black to violet, seedless, very firm flesh, cracking, thin skin.

Ripeness : Late






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Ribol is a black table varietal with big berries.

Clone: 503




Bud break: Late, 10 à 20 days after Chasselas

Sensitivity to fungi and diseases: not very sensitive to botrytis. Sensitive to phomopsis, to powdery mildew and to downy mildew.

Characteristics: Vigor: Average to high. Good fertility.

Production: Average.

Aptitude : stores and ships well

Cluster: Average to big, in the shape of a cone.

Berries: Big and good regularity of size. Intense colour Black-blue. Fleshy. Neutral taste.

Ripeness: Late, 4 to 6 weeks after Chasselas




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Prima produces grapes very early and with a very nice taste.

Clone: 1022



primaBud break: Early to very early

Sensitivity to fungi and diseases: not very sensitive to botrytis.

Characteristics: Vigor: average. needs trellising

Production: Average to high.

Aptitude : stores and ships well

Cluster : Average, long, not very compact,

Berries: Average, ellipsoids, intense and uniform colour blue-black. Full colour is reached before full ripeness. Skin fairly thin. Firm and juicy flesh. Neutral but sweet and pleasant taste with not very noticeable seeds.

Ripeness: very early, 5 days after Chasselas.




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Red Globe

Red Globe is a very resistant red varietal, that stores and ships very well.



red globe



Bud break: Early

Sensitivity to fungi and diseases: Sensitive to powdery mildew.

Characteristics: high vigor. High fertility

Production: High. Preferably on vigorous rootstocks to reach a good balance between production and foliage.

Aptitudes stores and ships very well.

Cluster: very large, cylindrical in the shape of an extended cone.

Berries : Big, spherical, thick skin , neutral taste.

Ripeness: Late





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Black, late, Spanish varietal of table grape.





Description : black variety late

Aptitudes: high fertility, production very high, good vigor.

Cluster : big, in the shape of a cone

Berries: blue-red turning to violet. Ellipsoidal, average to big, neutral taste average skin thickness

Ripeness : Late

Ripeness : average











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