The name Richter is forever linked to the world of grapevine nurseries. The innovations of our company throughout the years have been and continue to be of utmost importance for the development of viticulture in France and in the world.

Frantz Richter
View of the nursery CEREIREDE in august 1909
Frantz Richter
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Some of these innovations :

  • The Richter rootstocks and primarily the rootstock Richter 110 which is the rootstock most used in the countries around the mediterranean sea today and which is being used more and more in several other grape growing regions of the world.
  • The bench grafting technique allowing the production of grafted grape plants. This technique is now used by almost all the grapevine nurseries in the world.
  • The conservation of grafted grape plants in cold storage also used today by most grapevine nurseries.
  • The production of grafted grape plants on neutral substract therefore avoiding reinfestation by soil nematods.


All this was made possible when in 1878 F Richter, a young entomologist, established his work in Montpellier in the middle of the Phylloxera crisis. He devoted his time and energy to hybridizations that made him famous after he surrounded himself with the best specialists of the era.

Innovations by the grape nurseries Richter continue with the selection of old and foreign varietals of grapevines and the improvement of grape propagation techniques.


In vitro micro propagation

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