Grafted grape plants in "motte"

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The Richter grapevine nurseries offer plants in « motte » that will permit a successful replacement of missing plants in existing vineyards.
The grafted grape plant is waxed and placed in a fertilized medium and surrounded by a biodegradable net to facilitate the planting and to maximize growth after planting.



The double protection « manchon » was made to resist rodents and weeds.

The young plants suffer from rabbits but even more from herbicides.


Storing of plants after they arrived:

The grafted grape plants in « motte » are supplied in cardboard boxes.
If the weather conditions do not allow an immediate planting, do not take the grafted plants out of the boxes. Store the cardboard boxes in a cool room. The plants can be stored in such conditions in their boxes 3-4 weeks without damage.


How to plant ?


A- Make the hole.
B- Position the graft point slightly over the soil.
C- Fill the hole and place loose soil around the "motte". Water abundantly so that there is a good contact between the "motte" and the soil.
D- After water infiltration, refill the hole.






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