Grafted grape plants in pots


Grafted grape plants in pots

This type of plant was created in Germany and the technique was introduced in France by the Richter grape vine nurseries.
With this technique, the grafted grape plants are produced through the bench grafting in the spring of a bud over a cutting of rootstock.

After several treatments and sometime in a callusing room allowing for the adaptation of the bud and rootstock, a callus is formed between the two. Instead of being planted in the field in nurseries as with traditional grafted grape plants, they are planted in pots with peat moss and placed in greenhouses.

They can be planted with their foliage and their pots several weeks later.

This permits supplying grafted grape plants in pots to grape growers as early as the spring, when traditional grafted grape plants are no longer available because they are already sold out.

The success rate in the planting of grafted grape plants in pots can be very good but for a planting to be successful several irrigations are necessary after planting and again at the beginning of summer.


Grafted grape plant underground

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