Grape plants


Since the production  by the Richter grape vine nursery of the first bench grafted grape plants, a little bit more than one century ago, the use of grafted grape plants has taken over and to day, probably more than 90% of the vineyards of the world are planted with grafted grape plants. (This Richter innovation has permitted the grape growers to avoid the expensive and dicey operation of field grafting)


Photo 1 Preparation
Photo 2 Greffage
Photo 3 Plantation
photo 4-pepiniere-vigne
Photo 5 cepage de cuve
Photo 6 cepages de table
photo 7
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The Richter grapevine nurseries have nevertheless continued their search for innovation in order to provide the grape growers of the world the grafted grape plants that best suit  their needs.


We now offer  to the grape growers several options for grafted grape plants:

  • Traditional grafted grape plants with bare roots
  • Grafted grape plants in pots
  • Grafted grape plants in “vignemotte”
  • Grafted grape plants with high stem


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