Many grape growers in the world believe that the production of grape plants is done the same way as decades ago. This is a false idea. Few human activities and very few agricultural activities have experienced the rapid changes in technology that grape growing production has seen in recent years.
True to its traditions, the company RICHTER INTERNATIONAL is leading the technical progress in this field.
All efforts are made to mechanize production (mechanization of grafting operations, of pulling out the plants, of sorting,....)and the subsequent economies achieved are reinvested in the area of storage and sanitary controls.
Storage is made in installations equipped with fine mist. Sanitary controls are multiplied to give to our customers the best possible guarantees as to the sanitary status of the plants.



We believe it is a must to know in detail the history of the plants we sell. Every one of our workshops has a computer system which follows step by step the stages of our productions. All pertinent information is centralized in real time, which means that at every moment we know the stage of production, the batches, the origins of the rootstocks and buds utilized, and the weather conditions during vegetation as well as the conditions of storage.
We know practically everything about the plants we sell and we believe that this is something that is very important for you.


Mastering the production

Wanting to know everything about the products we sell means of course mastering the production. That is what we are determined to accomplish.
In this respect, we have formed an agreement of very close cooperation with a very large French company specialized in the production of grape plants: the PEPINIERISTES PRODUCTEURS DU COMTAT.

This company shares our philosophy and our commitments concerning quality. This union is one of the very largest units of production of grape plants, rootstock and certified buds in the world with a potential worldwide production of more than five hundred hectares of mother plants of rootstocks and buds.


A company size permitting a wide offer of varieties and clones

The volume of our sales allows us to offer our customers a very large selection of varieties, rootstocks and clones. Every year we complete our selection with the plantation of new mother plants of new clones or varieties.


A daily attention to the needs of our customers

Our company philosophy is centered around our customers who can be assured that attention will be given to their requests and questions, and that the best advice will be provided to them.


An international renown

In many countries in the world, RICHTER is synonym to quality grape plants. This reputation was built over decades and decades of hard work.
This is why RICHTER INTERNATIONAL exports its grape plants currently in more than forty countries.


Logistics and packaging

In order to provide the best conditions for the transportation of its grape plants over the five continents, RICHTER INTERNATIONAL selected the best transportation lines for road, sea and air.
Special export packaging items were produced to allow long distance transportation (up to several weeks) under the best possible conditions of conservation.








Every region, every viticultural country has its specificity that it must conserve

We believe that the future of viticulture is not in standardizing the world production, every country and every region must keep its specificity, especially in the type of wines produced. This is why, each time that it proved necessary, we created structures in these countries with a view to selecting the local varieties and propagating them.
Therefore, RICHTER INTERNATIONAL has its own operations over three continents and has close cooperative ties with universities and research stations in several great viticultural countries.



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